12:00 hrs.

Charla: "Puye, jollytail, īnanga: El mismo pez, diferentes países. Perspectivas de Nueva Zelanda sobre cultura, conservación y restauración ecológica".


La charla será dictada en la sala Federico Saelzer de la Facultad de Cs. Forestales y Recursos Naturales de la UACh, por el científico Mike Hickford, de la University of Canterbury, Nueva Zelanda.

Galaxias maculatus is often described as the most widespread freshwater fish species, with naturally occurring populations in countries that span the Southern Hemisphere including New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina and many small islands in between. In New Zealand, G. maculatus supports a large cultural, commercial and recreational fishery. There are concerns about the stability of this fishery due to human impacts on adult habitat. Urbanisation, deforestation and pollution all degrade or modify key habitats of this iconic species. Mike Hickford and his research students have spent the last 15 years developing habitat restoration tools for G. maculatus and studying its reproductive biology, larval dispersal and population drivers.