Alfredo Aguilera

Area de Interés: Industria primaria y secundaria de la madera, Análisis de superficies, Microscopía Confocal, Humectabilidad de superficies.


  • 2000, Doctor en Ciencias y Tecnologías Industriales, Universidad Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1,Francia.
  • 1991, Ingeniero Forestal, Universidad de Concepción, Chile.
  • 1991, Licenciado en Ingeniería Forestal, Universidad de Concepción, Chile.


IBOS 222 INDUSTRIA DEL ASERRIO (ingeniería forestal)


IBOS 331 CONVERSIÓN MECÁNICA (magíster en ciencias, mención bosques y medio ambiente)
IBOS 431 PROCESAMIENTO MECÁNICO DE LA MADERA (doctorado en ecosistemas forestales y recursos naturales)


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2018 –2020 FONDEF ID18I10042. Desarrollo de una herramienta terminal para operaciones de lijado robotizado inteligente con aplicación a la manufactura de productos de madera de alto valor agregado. Co-investigador.

2016 – CORFO “Centro Interdisciplinario para la productividad y construcción sustentable (CIPYCS), since november 2016. Prof. Alfredo Aguilera Associate investigator.

2014- 2016 FONDEQUIP – CONICYT 2014 Project Id. EQM140065: Confocal laser 3D Microscope for materials. Principal investigator.

2012 - 2015 FONDECYT – CONICYT 2012 REGULAR COMPETITION Project Id. 1120347: An experimental study of tool wear progression based on cutting forces and sound pressure variation and its relationship with the surface quality during radiata pine solid wood machining with high speed steel inserts. Principal investigator.

2009 - 2013 FONDEF – CONICYT Project: Silviculture techniques development for nothofagus plantations in order to increase wood quality offer for the forest industry. 2009-2013. Universidad Austral de Chile. Co-investigator.

2009 - 2010 DID – UACh Project: Diversification in Chilean forest plantation: added value options for eucalyptus regnans. 2009 – 2010. Universidad Austral de Chile. Main investigator.

Fundación Andes Project: Strengthen research and teaching program in regional universities. Strengthen programs in wood science and technology. 2003-2005. Universidad Austral de Chile. Co-investigator.

FONDEF – CONICYT Project: Technological and commercial development in the manufacturing process of decorative panels made with native bamboo species. Intec – UACH. D02I1016. 2003-2005. Universidad Austral de Chile. Co-investigator.

INFOR – FDI Project: High value productive options development for Eucalyptus nitens plantations in IX and X region. 2002-2003. Universidad Austral de Chile. Co-investigator.

DID – Uach Project: Contribution to the machining of economical interest timber species for the furniture industry. Study of cutting processes and quality in different machining conditions. 2002-2004. Universidad Austral de Chile. Main investigator.

DID – Uach Project: Research on the ultrasound propagation speed in Chilean wood. 1994. Universidad Austral de Chile. Co-investigator.

FONTEC CORFO Project: Industrial wood use from regrowth management. 1993-1994. Universidad Austral de Chile. Co-investigator.