CORFO “Centro Interdisciplinario para la productividad y construcción sustentable (CIPYCS), since november 2016. Prof. Alfredo Aguilera Associate investigator.

FONDEQUIP – CONICYT 2014 Project Id. EQM140065: Confocal laser 3D Microscope for materials. Prof. Alfredo Aguilera Principal investigator. (2014-2016)

FONDECYT – CONICYT 2012 REGULAR COMPETITION Project Id. 1120347: An experimental study of tool wear progression based on cutting forces and sound pressure variation and its relationship with the surface quality during radiata pine solid wood machining with high speed steel inserts. Prof. Alfredo Aguilera Principal investigator. (2012-2015)

FONDEF – CONICYT Project: Silviculture techniques development for nothofagus plantations in order to increase wood quality offer for the forest industry. 2009-2013. Universidad Austral de Chile.  Prof. Alfredo Aguilera Co-investigator.